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Gun advocate discusses South Dakota's take on firearms

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If you live in South Dakota and own a gun, you're allowed to carry it with you. That's because there is no law that says you can't.

So with news of the Colorado shooting that left at least a dozen dead and 60 hurt, are people going to start carrying around their guns more? We talked to some gun advocates in South Dakota.

"It's a terrible event and never good when firearms are used in that manner," Jesse Rierson said.

Vice president of the Sioux Falls chapter of South Dakota's Open Carry group Jesse Rierson heard the news about the shooting.

He carries a gun around himself and pretty much everywhere. In South Dakota you can. He says he does it for protection.

"If I'm in a situation like that in a movie theater, my safety and my family's safety is number one on my list and if I'm close to an exit that's where I'm headed for," Rierson said.

But using his gun, he says is his last resort.

"Any time you use a firearm whether it's justified or not, it's a life altering decision. I mean I wouldn't sleep good at night if I used my firearm. Justified or not, that's still someone's son, daughter, and you'd change someone else's life and yours," Rierson said.

But he feels by carrying a pistol it could scare away those who mean him harm.

"I hope it deters a crime so I'm not in that situation," Rierson said.

And after the Colorado shooting early Friday, he doesn't necessarily think more people will be carrying around a gun in our state but he thinks more people should.

"I'd really think we'd see a decrease in crime. I think most people carry responsibly when they do and know it's a big responsibility," Rierson said.

Other open carry states are Wyoming, Montana, Kentucky, Idaho and Nevada.

To see the laws in other states and to learn more about our open carry group, click on the upper links.

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