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AMGM: Back-to-School Vaccinations for your children

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Chauncey Driscoll, 4, gets a checkup from Dr. Kara Bruning at the McGreevy Pediatrics Clinic in Sioux Falls Chauncey Driscoll, 4, gets a checkup from Dr. Kara Bruning at the McGreevy Pediatrics Clinic in Sioux Falls

There are just a few more weeks of summer left and parents and kids alike are starting to prepare for the next school year. But how ready are your kids and what steps should be taken before putting your kids back on the bus?

Chauncey Driscoll is a tall, healthy, four-year old farm boy from De Smet. His parents, Brian and Becky Driscoll have been coming down to Sioux Falls to see Doctor Kara Bruning at the McGreevy Pediatrics Clinic since Chauncey was born.

Today is Chauncey's four year appointment and his parents have decided to get him and his 15-month old sister Tatymn vaccinated.

"They'll bring just about anything home and it's just a good precaution to have your kids vaccinated and make sure they have every line of defense they can have to fight off whatever they come across at pre-school or going into Kindergarten." Said Brian Driscoll.

Chauncey is still a year away from Kindergarten but getting the necessary vaccines done now at the four year checkup will save him some pain later.

"You can do them either at age four or five, usually we try and do them at age four because it's easier and they're out of the way, that way when they come in for the five year Kindergarten well check, there's no shots, it's nice and easy and goes through easily." Said Dr. Bruning.

That means two shots for Tatymn and three shots for Chauncey. Both kids got their DTaP vaccine to protect against Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis. Tatymn also got her first Hib shot. Chauncey followed up his DTaP with shots for Polio and MMR.

Experiences like this are just as painful for the nurses and parents as they are for Chauncey and Tatymn, but their parents know it's necessary.

"I guess I remember that age and going, I sure hated it when I had to go but I think it's in the best interests of all the kids to have all their vaccinations." Said Brian Driscoll. 

Under South Dakota law all kids entering public school have to be up-to-date on their vaccinations. There are two exemptions, the first is religious, the second is medical.

But Dr. Bruning says vaccinations are a lot like getting into a car, there are risk and benefits of your actions and a lot depends on who you come into contact with.

"I think the risks are much less from getting a vaccine then from coming down with a disease and now you kid died from it or your kid is mentally retarded or sterile or something along those lines. So there's a lot worse risks by your child actually contracting one of these diseases which is what we're trying to prevent." Said Dr. Bruning.

During the school year your child is going to come across viruses and infections every single day and for parents like the Driscoll's, they're making sure their kids are prepared.

"All you can do is try and do your best in making sure they stay as healthy as they can." Said Brian Driscoll.

Dr. Bruning says it's also a good time to get a flu shot for yourself and your child. That way they are as prepared as possible for whatever viruses come their way. 

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