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Child Identification program helps find missing children

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A missing child is every parent's worst nightmare.

At the Lincoln County Fair in Canton, South Dakota today, some local mom's and dad's found out how they can help police if their child went missing.

Teaching your children how to stay safe is a mother's natural instinct.

Nancy Larson said of her son Caleb "his mom is a little over-protective, he says, but we go through this quite regularly, what to do, and what not to do."

Nancy Larson said the Child Protection (CHIP) program may help to protect  your child.

"I think every parent's worst fear is their child gone missing and anything that you can do to help recover, research... I think that is an awesome tool that we can use," Larson said.

Every parent who attends the CHIP program, leaves with a package of information that hopefully will never be used.

"The information they gave us today is supposed to go in this little pouch, stick it in your freezer and hope that the event never happens that you have to search for your child," Larson said. 

CHIP organizer Deb Bourne says one of the first things she does is take a still picture of  your child, and then record them to capture their mannerisms.

"Which supposedly aren't supposed to change in your entire life, that you're going to keep those mannerisms. That's going to help the police find the children a lot quicker," Bourne said.

Bourne also does a DNA swab, takes fingerprints of each child but she says dental, impressions are even better.

"Dental impressions are actually more accurate, expedites finding the children a lot better because the teeth are usually there, they're not going to disappear like a fingerprint," Bourne said.

Kristina Johns feels confident the program works.

"They have her DNA, they have finger prints, pretty much anything they would use nowadays to look up kids so I feel pretty good about it," Johns said.

The children who came here today may not realize the importance of the Chip Identification program, but parents were more than happy to sign their kids up and organizers are satisfied that it works.

The South Dakota Masons will have another CHIP event this Saturday in Watertown.

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