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Wagner's Dirty Secret?

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To the casual eye, the downtown streets of Wagner look like many other small towns in South Dakota. But, Frances Zephier says a glance below the surface will show something much darker.

"It's just a rampage of meth users and the people are tired of it," said Zephier. "I'm tired of it. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of my family being hurt by it."

Zephier is one of many living in Wagner who says meth use is so prevalent, it's infiltrated the top of their police force. She, and others, believe Police Chief Tim Chaney must be held accountable after not turning his girlfriend in for meth use immediately.

"He's responsible and he should've gotten help," said Zephier. "He should've gotten her help because she's a beautiful young girl and to be shooting meth is such an awful, dirty thing to do."

Zephier's distant relative Lourdes agrees, "And, what about his (Chaney) supervisors and what about the people that pay him his check? What about those people? Don't they care? Don't they know? Everyone knows what's going on here. Everywhere you turn is obliterated with an inability to address this system."

Even Kathy Cournoyer, who's daughter Charline is at the core of this story and the reason for Chaney's arrest, agrees that meth use in Wagner must be addressed.

"I was trying to get her in there, get her into Canton. But, that costs a lot of money in which I don't have," said Kathy Cournoyer. "There are resources out there supposedly but where are they at? Where do you go to get help around here? You don't, you can't."

As for if Chaney should have helped her daughter sooner, Kathy didn't want to answer our question.

"I'm not going to comment on that because I can't speak for him."

While KSFY was in Wagner we also spoke with a local police officer. He told us a task force is being developed to address meth use in Wagner and the surrounding communities. In addition, concerned parents will be meeting about meth use next Friday, August 10. That meeting will be held at 7:30pm at 103 N. Circle in Lake Andes.


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