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Cokie Roberts talks about the Republican National Convention

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ABC News Political Analyst Cokie Roberts talked with KSFY's Paige Pearson. Roberts discussed the convention, its relevance, and how social media plays such a large part in today's politics.

5,500 delegates are gathered in Tampa hoping Mitt Romney is the man to lead their party for the next four years.

"This is an important introduction to the candidates, to the party, and what the party stands for. And, then for the people actually come to the convention it's a moment of great enthusiasm and rallying around the flag," Roberts said.

Energy is undeniably high at the event, but what about outside convention doors? Roberts says Americans still do care about what is being said—agendas announced and the platforms pronounced.

"Most of the time people aren't paying attention to politics. People have lives to live and things to worry about, and if nothing else the baseball season. So, the idea that this is one moment in time when people will focus on the parties," Roberts said.

Much of the political discussion is being done on social media. According to the Romney Campaign's digital director, the presidential candidate is aware of everything that is tweeted on the campaign's behalf.

"Look, the whole social media world is one that has become a huge organized tool for political campaigns," Roberts said. "And, conventions are a place where you can make an enormous amount of contacts with people via their PDAs and then you have a whole grass roots movement can start right here in this hall."

South Dakota Senator John Thune speaks to the republican delegates Wednesday night in primetime. Cokie Roberts says Thune is most certainly an up-and-comer in the Republican Party, but because he lives in such a dominant red state, he was not a good choice as a candidate for vice president.

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