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Sioux Falls police officers wrap up extra patrols in school zones

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Friday wrapped up week number two for Sioux Falls Public Schools and police tell us there are still some drivers who aren't obeying school zone speed limits.

That's why this week the Sioux Falls Police Department added more officers around schools. It's all to remind us to slow down and watch out for kids.

Officer: "Do you know that's a school zone?"

Driver: "No, I didn't."

Officer: "Well you were speeding that's why I stopped you."

KSFY witnessed one of the many speeders Edison Middle school resource Officer and Sioux Falls police officer Lance Mattson pulled over this week.

"Some people don't realize school zones are there and some people are in a hurry honestly," Mattson said.

And that's a problem. Mattson has given out more than 10 tickets to speeders just this week as the department has increased patrols in school zones.

"Hopefully that will raise his awareness that school is back in session and he needs to be more careful driving through," Mattson said.

A school zone speed limit is 15 mph. A homeowner who lives right next to a school says some people don't slow down when they should.

"Well I know some speed down here pretty fast," Mike Bontje said.

He likes the idea of more officers.

"It probably wouldn't hurt to have a few more around to watch people," Bontje said.

For drivers there's a reason why the speed limit is so low.

"If we can slow people down to 15 mph limit it gives them more of a reaction time if a kid makes a poor decision and runs out in front of them," Mattson said.

Even though there might not be as many police officers next week, don't think you'll be off the hook. Officers will still be out there and it's all to keep kids safe.

If you get caught speeding in a Sioux Falls school zone, the ticket is pretty pricey. If your going 5 mph over, it's a $85 ticket. 5 to 10 miles per hour over the limit, a $105 ticket.

Keep in mind drive the speed limit in school zones when you see kids near schools and during the hours of 7 a.m.- 9 a.m. and 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.

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