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Will Obama get another term?

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His greyer hair is the most obvious indicator. The past four years have been a challenge for President Obama. It was a term that began with great expectation and is ending with questions and doubt.

"Paul Ryan was all over the airways this morning saying over and over again, 'Do you think you're better off than four years ago?' It's taken the Obama campaign quite awhile to get its act together to answer that question," said ABC political analyst Cokie Roberts. "Now they're saying - yes, of course we are. The President has created millions of jobs on his watch and the country was on its knees four years ago. But, it's a hard sell when there are so many people out of work and a lot of people are feeling like they are really suffering in this country."

So, what can Obama and company do between now and November 6 to try and persuade voters that he deserves another term?

"The main thing they have to do is lay out some kind of vision for the next four years that people can say - ok, that's worth giving him another shot," said Roberts.

Right in the mix of this hotly contested presidential race is the state of Iowa. In 2008, Obama won the state with a 9.5 percent margin of victory. Roberts said it will again be crucial to his campaign. In fact, the President will be back in Iowa on Friday.

"Iowa is one of the few states that is actually seated on the convention floor, instead of the bleachers here. That recognizes that it's a battleground state," said Roberts. "Iowa starts voting in three weeks, September 27. So, one of things this campaign is doing is getting organized there right now to try and get out the vote."

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