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Supporters show up hours early to hear Romney speak in Iowa

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Mitt Romney is campaigning in Iowa. The republican made a stop in Orange City, Iowa Friday afternoon talking to a fired up crowd.

A very excited crowd at Northwestern College in Orange City as Mitt Romney takes center stage. Front and center is Tom Rentoul wearing a 'Mitt' shirt. He snatched the seat because he showed up five hours early.

"I just want to see the man," Rentoul said.

And see what he stands for because what he has heard he likes.

"I think he has the financial insight to change the direction of the country and I feel his experiences lends himself to that," Rentoul said.

Before the event hundreds of people lined the parking lot outside. Many people we found say they want to hear how Romney will be different from President Obama.

"I'm more concerned about what he's going to do. Watching the current administration for four years so I want to see the positive we can do," Ken Hach said.

But there wasn't a lot of positive talk when Romney mentioned Obama saying he has broken promises.

"It was a whole series of new promises which he also won't be able to keep because the policies he believes in and the direction he's pulling will not make America stronger," Romney said.

Romney talked about ways he's going to make America stronger.

"I can assure you if I'm President of the United States, I will stop this divisiveness and I will do everything to unite the American people," Romney said.

And that's what people like Rentoul like to hear.

"He has the ability to bring people together from both parties," Rentoul said.

Security at the event was high. You had to go through metal detectors and more than a dozen Homeland Security officers were there to look through bags. Drug-sniffing dogs were also on hand. It looks like everything went smoothly. We didn't hear of any problems.

During his speech, Romney talked about creating jobs by taking advantage of our energy resources, fixing the country's debt and getting rid of the Affordable Health Care Act.

Romney spoke for 20 minutes.

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