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City Councilors react to rezoning for Sanford expansion

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The approval to rezone a Sioux falls neighborhood has some people who live in the area fired up.

The city council unanimously approved rezoning the area from 18th Street to 22nd Street, and between Menlo and Prairie.

KSFY News spoke with city councilors Kenny Anderson Jr. and Greg Jamison to get their reaction and to address neighbors' concerns.

They told me keeping some our city's older neighborhoods is important but also losing homes in the name of progress may be necessary for the good of Sioux Falls.

Anderson is personally familiar with the rezoned area.

"About fifteen years ago, I lived in that neighborhood, the house I lived in is actually right next to a Sanford parking lot now and I do drive through that neighborhood. I still have friends that live there, friends that did live there and sold their properties to Sanford that are in this zoning request," Anderson said.

Anderson says one of his concerns when he was elected was to revitalize some of the city's older neighborhoods.

"Well now the hospital's plans are for expansion and we have to try to balance that there, the hospitals needs with the needs of our residents and citizens," Anderson said.

And that's what worries Diane Huwe the most for the future of her neighborhood.

"We'll lose our neighborhood and it'll just be Sanford buildings and crime, that's what's going to be the inner city. that's what's going to be left," Huwe said.

Huwe has lived in this area for 28 years. She lives on the west side of the rezoned area and has been through a rezoning process before. Huwe has seen her neighborhood change over time and she tells KSFY News she is worried what the rezoning means for the future of her neighborhood.

 "What really irritates me is that they rezoned the east side now with no plans telling anybody what they're going to do with that. they got the land without even having announced to what is going to happen there. it's even more scary than the ones they at least said what they were going to do with them, " Huwe said.

City councilor Greg Jamison says there will be some growing pains as Sanford expands.

"Certainly there's a loss of homes and portions of the neighborhood due to the growth of Sanford but it's somewhat inevitable and somewhat just part of growth," Jamison said.

But Jamison says the trade-off for the city overall is worth it.

"It is a challenge for sure but the benefit of having a hospital like this in our community is a wonderful thing and we all hope it will grow. when they grow, they build new buildings and they hire a lot more people and it really does make a lot better Sioux falls," Jamison said.

Sanford has yet to announce what it's plans are for the rezoned neighborhood. Also the city has not determined the future of Menlo Park, which is within the rezoned area, but it will look at what options can be considered.

One of the biggest concerns Diane Huwe told KSFY News is the rezoning process itself. If you receive a rezoning notice, it is up to you the property owner to respond.

If for any reason you do not respond, the city says it does not need to check with you to see if you would vote yes or no on rezoning. A non-response is taken as a yes.

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