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Who was Tyrone Smith?

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Today, many people are asking about the gunman.

What do we know about the man who took his own life and the life of Amanda Connors.

There are many different sides to Tyrone Smith, the one known by his girlfriend, the one known by police and another by his neighbors.

Tyrone Smith had a history of domestic abuse, that's according to eight previous cases filed against him, but neighbors never saw that side of him. Smith seemed good with his kids.

They always had bicycles and they always had basketballs and they seemed to have quite a few toys and stuff. and I think he was good to them but didn't know him well enough but I think he was, at least what I saw.

Neighbors did see a different side of Smith on Sunday night.

One neighbor, who wished to remain unidentified said "Sunday night of course she was out by the car crying, and he was there standing up there and the cops were all over the place. and one kid was laying out in the yard. but you know, that's not my business, so I just went in the house and I didn't know, I think they took him to jail that night. and when he got out, he must have flipped or something to do something so horrible."

But Sunday night was not the first time police had paid Tyrone Smith a visit.

Sioux Falls Investigative Services Captain Greg VandeKamp said "we did have a previous call between the mother of the children and Tyrone smith, again, they were in a relationship, had been in a relationship for a number of years, on again, off again."

Police say they don't know what was going through smith's mind but they are trying to piece together events for the sake of the victims' families.

Sioux Falls Police Chief Doug Barthel said "I have no idea what his ultimate plan was, but I would think if he had plans to kill others, I think he would have done that."

But police say he did seemed prepared.

"He has all the tools with him, I think that he probably had an idea what he was going to do," VandeKamp said.

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