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Follow-up on 11 yr. old's 3rd heart surgery

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Jacob Scholting is described as a hero by his mom! Jacob Scholting is described as a hero by his mom!

In late July, Nancy Naeve Brown introduced us to a little boy who was about to undergo heart surgery in Omaha. He's only 11 and now has three open heart surgeries under his belt and it won't be his last. She has an update on him and how he is doing 6 weeks later.  

Jacob Scholting started the 2012 school year at Christ the King Elementary in Sioux Falls with the rest of his 5th grade class on August 16th, but that was no small feat. A month prior, he had open heart surgery at the Children's Hospital in Omaha. Jacob has a condition called pulmonary atresia; he was born without a heart valve. He first went under the knife when he was 6 days old to put a shunt in. At 6 months, doctors opened him up again to put in a porcine pig valve. 11 years later it's worn out so this time around surgeons put in a cows vein and a layer of GORE-TEX to keep scar tissue from building up on his lungs.

 "His old valve was a little crystallized so it wasn't acting really as it should be so it's a good thing he had surgery when he did, "Jacob's mom Tara Scholting said.
The surgery took 6 hours. What's different about this surgery he's old enough to remember the pain for when he has to go through it again and when this fix wears out, he will have to go through it again.

 "It was an awakening for him and to see him struggling afterwards coming out of surgery that was probably the hardest first few days," Tara said.

 "It doesn't hurt unless I do something I normally wouldn't do and I feel something or if someone puts their hands on it by accident. I can play 4 square, I can kick a ball. I can't really throw a ball, I mean I can't chuck it but I can throw it a little bit, "Jacob said.

 "He is a champ, my hero. He is so strong. Within 24 hours he asked if he could get up and walk. I thought are you kidding me Is this kid for real?" Tara said.

A month and a half later he is already running around again with his brother Andrew at recess and at home, although he might have been told to wait a week longer for that.

"I don't try and trip. I watch where I'm running. If I do see someone kicking a ball, I go behind them."
Now that this major surgery is behind him, Jacob will concentrate on A'cing his favorite subject math and continue healing so he can get back to his favorite hobby Taekwondo next summer. I'm not the math wiz Jacob is, but I have deduced when you have someone with his determination and faith it adds up to one tough, amazing and inspiring little man. 

The worst part for Jacob's mom, the day after Jacob had surgery she ended up in the hospital too. She says the stress had taken a toll on her body. They found she had an ovarian cyst and had her gallbladder removed. So when they got home to Sioux Falls, they were on bed rest. She credits her husband and the children's father Al for taking such good care of them.

A fund has been set up to help with Jacob's mounting medical bills at First Premier Bank or you can drop off donations at Christ the King Elementary in Sioux Falls.

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