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Peppermint Energy's Portable Power

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The sun is our life source. An ally that warms us and helps feed us. Solar power converts sunlight into electricity, and for the guys at Peppermint Energy, it's feeding a project they think is like lightning in a bottle.

"Honestly, we think it's a life-changer. There's billions of people and I mean billions of people who's lives can truly be positively affected immediately when they get one of these in their hands," said Peppermint Energy CEO Brian Gramm.

The product Gramm is referring to is the Forty2 - an all-in-one mobile power supply that combines solar, lithium ion batteries, power inversion, and the brains of the unit.

"I'm not fixed. Why does my power have to be? Through that mentality is what you'll be able to see the Forty2, touch, feel, move around. It goes where you are to supply the power that you want where you happen to be using it," said Gramm.

That could be any spot on the map, and it could be helping us do the most basic of tasks. Right now, Peppermint Energy has been contacted by 25 different countries, and it's already signed up 18 nations to ship the Forty2. Hard to believe this technology all started here, not Silicon Valley.

"We're making the Forty2 in South Dakota. We're assembling it here, components are coming from here. We have a ton of design coming from here," said Gramm. "This is something we think is going to go out world-wide on a large scale. But, it's South Dakota minds, South Dakota brains, South Dakota hands, South Dakota talent putting this thing together."

For startups, cash is a constant concern. But, Gramm says that isn't what often wakes him up at night.

"The biggest challenge has been to continue to think big."

A glance at the sun is a good reminder of just how big Peppermint Energy can be.


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