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Several factors contribute to women earning less

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South Dakota women are earning 22 percent less than men according to a new study analyzing data from the U.S. Census Bureau.  The study states women are earning $8,956 less than men, or 78 cents for every dollar a man makes.   

The issue touches all fifty states; the study shows that on average, women in the U.S. are earning 77 cents for every dollar.   

Janelle Cain, owner of Greetings Galore and Licensed Property Manager, said she started her own business after working in the corporate world just wasn't paying off.   

"The day before I went to start they said oh, by the way, that's not in the budget.  You're starting for $4000 less," Cain said.   

Emily Hein, a 2011 college graduate with a degree in Human Resources, said she had trouble finding a good paying job after graduation.   

"They pump you up when you're in college. They kind of make you think you're worth a lot, but when you get out into the real world, it's really surprising," Hein said.  

Doug Erickson, the vice president of Key Staffing, said he has an equal number of male and females coming into his office to apply for positions.  However, he said the types of positions they apply for are very different.  Erickson said more women are applying for positions in customer service, reception, and administrative assistant roles than men.  

Hein doesn't believe her gender is a barrier to a successful career, but she understand the struggle many women are facing.   

"I've seen a lot of people that come in here and they've taken a lot of time off for family to be a stay at home mom.  Trying to get back into the workforce and get their foot in the door is just difficult," Hein said.  

To help combat the issue the National Partnership for Women and Families has proposed the Paycheck and Fairness Act.  If passed, the bill would help fund training programs on salary  

While the statistics for female pay in South Dakota are eye opening, Erickson believes his daughters will have a better future.   

"They're setting their sites high and their goals high and I think they can achieve whatever they want to achieve," Erickson said.  

Hein said any woman has the potential to be the CEO of a company or a CFO. 

"Your gender should never hold you back," Hein said.

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