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Student Bullying Occurring Outside the Classroom

Student Bullying Occurring Outside the Classroom

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Student bullying continues to affect schools across South Dakota.  Today school hallways in Sioux Falls are full of cameras and teachers to ensure students are safe; however, when students leave the school, those safety measures are gone.  

"They know that they're on camera so they don't physically do anything at school, it's after school when they hunt these kids down and physically assault them," said one concerned mother.

We hid this mother's identity to protect her son.  Just this weekend he was assaulted by one of his classmates.  The suspect was arrested for simple assault, but returned to school Monday morning.  The victim of the bullying did not.  

"He is terrified to go back to school because of the physical threats and taunting," the victim's mother said.  

The Sioux Falls School District's bullying policy does cover incidents that occur outside of school hours if "the misconduct directly affects the good order, efficient management and welfare of the student or the District." 

The district said it takes every measure to stop bullying on and off school property.  However, DeeAnn Konrad, the Director of Community Relations for the District, said the school cannot help students if it is unaware of any problems.  She encouraged students to tell their parents and a teacher or administrator when bullying occurs. 

Police officer Same Clemens also said parents should notify police of bullying that occurs outside of school. 

"It doesn't have to be a physical confrontation; we can arrest people on threats. If you're being followed or harassed, there are different laws that could apply to that," Clemens said.  

Konrad said it is extremely important for the entire community to work together to prevent bullying.  She asked members of the community to report any scuffles or bullying behavior they witness.   

"It really requires all of us to pay attention, be aware and when things like that happen, make sure the proper people know so that it can be resolved," Konrad said.

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