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Getting people out to register to vote

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If you haven't registered to vote yet, today's as good a day as any.

In fact, it's national voter registration day.

Election day is six weeks from today, but the deadline to register is coming up

One common question registration volunteers get is if you need I.D. to vote and what do you do if you don't.

I spoke with someone who attended today's event at Killian College, but as much as he would like to vote, he's not eligible, at least not yet.

Carlos Gonzales is eager to vote, but can't. He's a resident but waiting to become a U.S. citizen in October and hoping to vote in November.

"I sure hope so, I sure hope so. There's so many issues at hand and I'm very interested in where this country is going and like I said we all need to vote, we all need to have our voices heard," Gonzales said.

And the right to vote that Gonzales is anxious to have is one he said is not to be ignored.

"If we don't vote, we can't complain about the stuff that goes on in Washington. we have a vote and it's a right we need to participate in," Gonzales said.

As Gonzales waits for his citizenship, Deb McIntyre with the League of Women Voters has some advice for our newest citizens.

"If you are a new citizen to America, you need to register with the DMV, the drivers license people and let them know you are registered to vote and you are a new citizen, Gonzales said.

McIntyre said you should bring I.D. on election day, but if you don't have it or forget it, all hope is not lost.

"But if you forget your id, you can't find it, you can do an affidavit . you sign an affidavit at your voting site, and they will take that with your ballot. if it is incorrect information, your ballot will be discarded," McIntyre said.

Robert Doody with the ACLU said the affidavit's help but he's worried some people may decide to sit out the election.

"Hopefully help people be able to participate in voting, but if people think that they absolutely need an I.D. and they can't vote otherwise, that will have a very chilling effect on voter turnout," Doody said.

McIntyre said if you have moved, you need to re-register to vote with your new address. You can register or re-register at events like today's or at your local auditor's office.

The secretary of state's web site has additional information on voting.

You can find out if you're registered as well as where to cast your ballot.

Look for the links above for more information.

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