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SWAT team has neighborhood wondering about police activity

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The sight of a SWAT team in your neighborhood may put people on edge.  Not to mention seeing a SWAT team outside your window may have you wondering what's going on and how concerned should you be.

Police say they make the decision to inform you about police activity in your area based on your safety.

Sioux Falls Police Department Chief Doug Barthel said "if we think someone is going to be in danger or their safety is in jeopardy, we're going to let them know."

Seeing SWAT outside your door might make you nervous but police say if there's danger in your neighborhood, they would tell you

"In a situation like that in the middle of the night it doesn't make a lot of sense to go around the neighborhood and start waking everybody up and making them aware of it if they're not going to be in danger," Barthel said.

Police say the need to take it a step further and evacuate a neighborhood depends on the threat.

Sioux Falls Police Officer Sam Clemens said "when we've had people that have had a knife, we're not necessarily going to evacuate a whole block area. we've had people that have had a fire arm and threatened to use a fire arm and we have evacuated three or four houses around a particular place where the suspect is."

In last night's domestic assault, police say there was no where for the suspect to run.

"In this case, a person with a knife, as long as he's contained in that apartment or in that room. there's not going to be a real threat to any neighbors that are in their apartments," Clemens said.

Police say there's always a concern a suspect with a knife might also have a gun, but say there was no cause for alarm this time.

"He wasn't threatening to harm anybody else. he was just threatening to harm himself, so there didn't seem to be that there was a need," Clemens said.

Barthel says the public's safety is always number one.

"We aren't going to let them get into harms way. so if they decide to go outside and see what's going on in a situation like that, we've got a perimeter established.  There's officers around the area."

KSFY News spoke the neighbor who lives directly above the scene of the apartment.  She says she heard loud bangs which concerned her.

Police say the bang was a flash noise device used by SWAT.

They say the suspect threatened to harm or kill his children.

SWAT used the "flash-bang" device to protect the kids and end the call with the least amount of injuries.

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