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Police are ready to enforce texting ban

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Not to text while behind the wheel is not something only for people who live in Sioux Falls to think about.

It's also something new for the police to think about as part of their daily routine.

KSFY News rode along with an officer today to find out how police plan to enforce the ordinance.

Officer Anthony Buss hopes people will obey the texting ban, not just because it's the law but for their own safety.

"Police yourselves. Don't expect the police to stop you if you're texting, you shouldn't even be picking8765 up that phone to begin with. I can't think of any reason that a text can't wait," Buss said.

If you think you can hide your texting from an officer, the way you drive might give you away.

"Maybe like a DWI or something like that. 'What do I look for when I'm looking for that?' The person that deviated from their lane, the person that sits at the green stop light for 30 to 45 seconds. Someone who is driving excessively fast or excessively slow.  Those kind of things are what I would watch for," Buss said.

Buss said figuring out what someone is doing behind the wheel will require a closer look.

"As you get closer to the car, look in a little more, you might see the obvious. that person has their phone up, pushing buttons on it, what are they doing? are they texting or something different," Buss said.

And what time of day might make it easier for an officer to spot an offender?

"The police will definitely have an advantage during the night, you can't help but miss the glow of the phone in someone's hand during the night," Buss said.

Day or night, the city says just use your phone as a phone and you can't go wrong.


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