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Texting while driving ban changes habits for Sioux Falls drivers

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It's been one week since the texting and driving ordinance took effect in Sioux Falls.

So, are people actually following the ban? You might be surprised at the number of tickets issued for texting while driving over the past week.

KSFY News spoke with Sioux Falls police and a city councilor to find out what a difference a week makes.

It seems those old habits are not so hard to break for some.

Police say no texting while driving tickets have been issued this past week .

City council is pleased with the results so far.

But, like with anything some people may continue to text and drive,  no matter what.

Dustin Griffin said "I think it would be pretty unrealistic to assume that everyone is going to stop texting and driving."

Griffin is well aware of the dangers of texting while driving.

"I have a little bit more sensitive of a stance because I was a witness to one of those accidents that happened where someone actually got killed by someone who was texting and driving," Griffin said.

Griffin said he used to text while driving his car, but tries not to do it anymore.

"Even if I wasn't planning on just following the law, I'd probably be more conscious of it, cause everyone's talking about it," Griffin said.

Which is what city councilor Sue Aguilar is counting on, changing people's driving habits.

"Even through media reports, we've heard citizens say 'well, I'm doing it now but once it's a law, I'm not going to do it any longer.' So it's what our expectation was," Aguilar said.

But are Sioux Falls drivers meeting expectations? We found several people still texting behind the wheel.  Furthermore, police say enforcing the law will be a challenge.

Sam Clemens, Sioux Falls Police Department said "the law allows people to make phone calls. The officer is going to have to be able to go to court and swear that they know that person was texting versus making a phone call."

One Sioux falls driver says he didn't need a law to get him to stop texting while driving.  "A couple of years ago, I had a bad experience on the interstate. I was trying to text and drive on the interstate. I almost ran into a median. So that was a good enough scare for me. so I 100 percent agree with this law. It's just like drinking and driving. It takes lives and I'm really glad this law is in place," he said.

Griffin said he stills text occasionally,  but what he calls responsibly.

He says he only does it at a stop light.

But just as a reminder,  the ban says you are not allowed to text while part of traffic.

And that includes texting in your car at a stop light or stop sign.

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