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Vikings' punter Chris Kluwe speaks out for gay marriage

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You may have heard about Chris Kluwe -- the Minnesota Vikings punter, but what about Chris Kluwe—the outspoken advocate of same-sex marriage.

He penned a profanity-laced letter to a Maryland lawmaker for trying to silence another player's support of same-sex marriage. Poppy Harlow went to Minnesota to find out what makes this quirky, video-game loving guy tick.

The Minnesota Vikings punter posed for a prominent gay magazine. However, Kluwe—who's not gay—isn't coming out. He's speaking out, loudly.

"To me this fight is about equality and human rights," Kluwe said. The fact is that they're American citizens who pay taxes, who serve in our military who defend this country who are not benefiting under the same legal protections and laws that the rest of us are. And to me that's flat out discrimination, that's the same as segregation, or suffrage."

In a state divided over a proposed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage, Kluwe has taken his fight to blogs and twitter. Fellow NFL players certainly don't all agree with him, but Kluwe says attitudes are changing.

It's not just same sex marriage getting Kluwe riled up. Ask about other hot button issues and he goes off.

"Citizens United. That's a huge issue for me right now. Corporations are not people. And if you look at the current presidential race right now, we're spending over a billion dollars to determine who our president is going to be. And to me that says that money has an overriding influence in our politics right now," Kluwe said.

But don't bet on him running for office—he has zero interest.  For now, this is his fight.  

"It shouldn't be news when someone speaks out for equality. It should be news when someone speaks out against equality," Kluwe said.   

He's not wild about either candidate, but says he'll vote for President Obama, calling him the less terrible choice. Kluwe said he's not punting this election.

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