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Former KSFY News reporter remembers covering the Becky O'Connell story

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A lot has happened in the 22 years since Becky O'Connell's murder.

But for those of us who were here during that time, we remember it just like it was yesterday.

KSFY News spoke with one man who has vivid memories of this case.

Can you remember where you were on May 8, 1990?

For Tom Bachwig, that's an easy question to answer.

Bachwig was a reporter for KSFY News at the time.  He remembers covering the story like it was yesterday.

"She had gone to Omar's to buy some candy like a nine-year-old girl would do, and when they found her she was still holding the candy in her hands when they found her," Bachwig said.

It's been more than 20 years since Bachwig covered the murder of Becky O'Connell but the memories live on.

"I had just had our first child so Becky O'Connell was nine, but as a dad, or just a human being, aghast at what I saw and what had been done to her," Bachwig said.

Bachwig remembers the frustration many felt when police released Moeller over a lack of evidence.

"It's very important people understand that law enforcement didn't make a mistake by letting Donald Moeller go.  They could not hold him any longer. Of course, as Becky's mother, Tina was very upset about that," Bachwig said.

Bachwig says the Becky O'Connell story rattled the Sioux Falls community

"So many of us have children or grandchildren or are parents and certainly every body, in the entire market is a human being and doesn't want to see this happen to anyone, much less a nine-year-old girl," Bachwig said.

Bachwig says the murder of Becky left a lifelong impression on him

"It's like having a scar. You're always aware of the scar. You always remember what happened in great detail. It doesn't have power over my life, but it did change how I raise my kids," Bachwig said.

The memories of the past 22 years are still strong for Bachwig.

But he said tonight will put a bookend to the story for him.


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