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Family receives Becky O'Connell's clothes 22 years after her murder

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It's been an emotional week for Tina and David Curl.  They traveled from New York to witness last night's execution of Donald Moeller. 

Moeller raped and murdered Tina's 9-year-old daughter, Becky O'Connell, 22 years ago.  

Tina says Moeller's execution was her final reason to come to Sioux Falls.  She doesn't think she will be back in town again. 

On her last day in town, she and members of her family visited the spot where her daughter was murdered for the last time, just to tell Becky justice was served. 

David Curl, Becky's step father, and his brother Tom Curl played some of Becky's favorite songs.  

"'Last Kiss' she liked, that was her favorite and ‘I Still Miss Someone' is mine, that's my favorite song for her," said Tina Curl.  

For some of Becky O'Connell's family members, it was their first time at the scene of her death. 

"I had some knots in my stomach coming down the highway.  I just didn't know what it was going to look like," said Tom Curl.  

After 22 years, the spot still brings Becky's mother chills.  

‘It's a lonely cold spot, It just leaves me feeling cold and pissed off at him every time I see it," said Tina Curl.  

Curl did say last night's execution gave her some relief.  

"It was too quick, too quick and painless, but it's done, he isn't breathing any more," said Tina. 

Last night, Tina received a time lapse picture of what Becky could have looked like today. She was also given the clothes Becky was wearing the night she was killed.  

"I went though them and touched them at one of the trials but it still hurts…The clay and dirt are still on them, the leaves are on them.  Of course her pants are inside out, he did that," said Tina. 

She plans to bury her daughter's clothes with Becky on May 18th.  It will be the 23rd anniversary of her death.   

Becky is buried in Lake Luzerne, NY, just a few minutes away from Tina's home.

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