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Petition for South Dakota to secede from the United States, but is it feasible?

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Private Citizens from nearly every state in the country, including South Dakota, have submitted petitions on the White House's website, We the People, asking for their state to peacefully secede from the United States. 

The petitions are creating a ton of chatter on the web—secede is one of the top trending searches on Google this week and it's a hot hash tag on Twitter. 

The online buzz is especially loud in states like Texas where the number of online petition signatures grew by nearly 25,000 in one day.   

South Dakota's petition has over 50,000 signatures, but that includes signatures form people all over the country.  Far less are actually signatures from South Dakota residents.  

We asked our KSFY Facebook fans what they think about the petition, and so far, there were over 150 comments ranging from serious political debate to some pretty funny responses.  

One South Dakota ad agency has created a petition outlining the reasons why South Dakota should stay a part of the United States.   

"Number one, South Dakota has been around for about 123 years and we think that things have gone pretty well so far.  And number two, the logistics of secession would be just a nightmare, and we don't think anyone wants to deal with that much paperwork," said Fresh Produce Writer Brian Bieber. 

With all the talk of petitions and seceding from the United States, you have to ask how feasible this idea really is.   

We spoke with a South Dakota official and a local government official to see if they thought these petitions could result in any changes. 

The government officials said, while it is every U.S. citizen's right to petition the government and freely express their opinions, these secede petitions are simply that. 

"It just isn't feasible or realistic; we're all proud Americans and proud to be citizens of the U.S. and South Dakota is proud to be one of the 50 United States of America. The idea that that would change is not really a plausible idea," said South Dakota Director of Public Policy and Communications Tony Venhuizen. 

First, Venhuizen says the Constitution does not address a state seceding. 

"Legally we are one nation and the state's right to secede was rejected around the time of the Civil War," said Venhuizen. 

Even if it were legally possible for a state to secede from the U.S., there's also the matter of finances. 

"Most of the money we get from the Federal Government comes in the form of grants and most recently for Homeland Security," said Minnehaha County Commission Director Ken McFarland. 

In addition to the money states receive for security and infrastructure needs, South Dakota residents are also direct recipients of Federal funds.  

"Everything from Social security to Medicaid to the farm program and student loans," said Venhuizen .  

These political leaders say the petitions are simply a reaction to the election.  

"There's certainly a long history, especially in close elections, of one side or the other being frustrated by the results.  It's common to hear one side or the other say, if so and so gets elected, I'm, going to move to Canada, but you'll notice that very few of those people actually deliver on that promise," said Venhuizen . 

While the petitions may not carry a lot of weight, both government officials say it is an important part of a U.S. Citizen's right to free speech. 

"Everyone has the right to express their opinions and I understand this is the way a lot of people have chosen to express it," said McFarland.

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