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Protesters outside east side Wal-Mart in Sioux Falls on Black Friday

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Along with shoppers, Wal-Mart's across the country also had some protesters out for Black Friday trying to get their message of higher wages out to the masses. 

Some in Sioux Falls braved the cold and wind this morning to take part in the protest. 

"I'm super cold, it's freezing! But it's good to be here knowing that you're standing up for what's right," said protester Vanessa Marcanl. 

Marcanl drove from Brookings to come to Wal-Mart on the East side of Sioux Falls, not to take advantage of Black Friday's low prices, but to take a stand for Wal-Mart's employees. 

"I think that the really big cost to these low prices that a corporation like Wal-Mart is offering is the cost to workers," said Vanessa Marcanl. 

Protesters across the country are asking Wal-Mart to pay its employees what they call a livable wage. 

"You can't support a family, you can't even afford to pay your bills by working full time at Wal-Mart," said Marcanl. 

Mark Reichelt, the president of the local United Food and Commercial Workers Union, says Wal-Mart is also retaliating against workers asking for higher wages. 

"They've reduced the workers hours to two hours a day.  I've seen examples of that, they've changed their schedules and in some cases, they've terminated the workers.  They lost their jobs for speaking out," said Reichelt. 

None of the Sioux Falls protesters are actually Wal-Mart employees, but across the country, many Wal-Mart workers walked off the job today in protest. 

"Today is Black Friday, it's the biggest shopping day of the year, we feel we can get our message out to more people when they're all out shopping," said Reichelt. 

A day of shopping the protesters say is completely dependent on low wage employees.  

"I think that corporations really need to start taking care of their workers and making sure that people are getting a living wage," said Marcanl. 

ABC News reports that Wal-Mart does not recognize an official workers union and alleges that the United Food and Commercial Workers Union is organizing illegal picketing at its stores.   

The company also says there were far fewer protests than the union claims. Wal-Mart President Bill Simon told ABC News that only 26 stores in the U.S. saw any protesters on Black Friday.

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