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Adderall abuse on the rise

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Losing the ability to focus and pay attention can be a very frustrating problem.

Nearly five percent of the population is diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD).

Adderall is just one of the drugs in the class amphetamine that can help with these focus issues.

However, the drug has quickly taken a wrong turn as those who are prescribed to and those who are not, are beginning to abuse the medication.

Diet Coke, Addy, A-Trains are just some of the street terms used for Adderall by those who abuse it

"One pill does this and two pills may make it a little better," Karen Hofer, A specialist at Worthmore Treatment Center said.  "I like how it feels, lets take two, or make it three."

The dangers of abusing this drug can be fatal.

"They end up with seizures, " Dr. Navaid Khan, with Avera Medical Group said. "Their heart rates are too high, and they end up in the hospital.

The drug is very common on college campuses across the country. 

Some students are taking the drug to study long hours into the night, while others are taking it to spend long hours at the bars.

"Typically they say it takes the edge away and makes you not feel intoxicated," Hofer mentioned. "…Makes it easier to drink on Adderall."

College students are not the ones who are abusing the medication.  More than 10 NFL players have been fined or suspended after testing positive for the medication since the beginning of last season.

Dr. Khan said those who are using the drug now, could face many years of addiction problems.

"The problem is bigger than just trying to get high a few times."

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