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School Districts weigh in on Governor Daugaard's education budget proposal

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Governor Dennis Daugaard's budget proposal included a three percent increase in the education budget to reflect inflation; however, some school districts say the actual percentage increase is very different. 

Harrisburg's Superintendent Jim Holbeck and Todd Vik, the business manager at the Sioux Falls School District, said the three percent figure in the Governor's budget proposal does not account for the one-time funds the state legislature has given school districts over the past two years. 

Vik gave us his numbers from the past two years; there were a lot of numbers, but here's how Vik's figures break down: 

For the 2012 legislative session, the Governor allocated $4,490 per student.  This year he proposed $4,625 per student, which is in fact a three percent increase. 

But according to the Sioux Falls School District, with the one time funds allocated by the state legislature, the school districts actually received $4,590 per student for the 2012 legislative session. 

Looking at that figure, Vik says without a continuation of those one time funds, the Governor's proposed budget is only a point eight percent increase from last year. 

It's a figure the school districts say is just not enough to adequately account for inflation when they pay their staff. 

"When you get as an increase from the state, in the state aid formula, is essentially what you can afford to give your staff in increases," said Vik. 

"If we were to try to keep our people at the same buy in power they were a year ago, we would have to give them a three percent increase," said Jim Holbeck. 

The school districts hope the state legislature will not only continue the addition of the one time funds, but make it a permanent part of the state's education funding equation.

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