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Holidays bring sadness and depression to some

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Many of us consider the holidays joyous and full of cheer.

But for some others, the holidays are stressful and even depressing.

KSFY  News spoke with a therapist to find out why some of us are negatively affected this time of year.

The holidays are not happy for everyone.

We spoke with a therapist who told us the holidays can trigger mood changes in some

of us because of expectations we set for ourselves.

Some friends and family members may need more from us than gifts this time of year.

Marriage and family therapist Stacy Dixon said "we get our needs met through relationships. to connect with people in a meaningful way and purposeful way is very important. so to be intentional about reaching out and finding people to connect with is very important."

The holidays can become a season of great expectations we set for ourselves.

"There is a sense that we have to project a certain image for people. I think we need to be sensitive to needs that other people are trying to express," Dixon said.

And those expectations can cause the holidays to be more sad and less happy.

"Because of the financial pressure and this feeling that at the holidays that everything is supposed to be different, we're supposed to be thinner, we're supposed to be laugh harder, we're supposed to enjoy life more. there is this added pressure to maybe step out of our reality," Dixon said.

If you're concerned about a loved one, there are signs to look for....

"Sometimes we see withdrawal in those who are depressed a lack of willingness to be involved in activities they would have otherwise enjoyed. we'll see that they might be tearful or more emotional in ways that they weren't at other times," Dixon said.

The best way to cope with feelings of sadness is to reach out.

"Talk to a friend or someone who has cared for us in the past and is willing to listen. we also have a lot of great resources in the community where we can access mental health services should the need arise," Dixon said.

Dixon tells us the mental health services in Sioux Falls is one of the best around.

In fact,  she says many people come here from neighboring states to get help.

Dixon said Sioux Falls Psychological Services is a great resource.

You can pay based on your income and they even offer some services for free.

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