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Driver's prepared for wet, slippery road conditions

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KSFY News met several driver's out on the roads tonight who weren't too concerned about the slippery road conditions.

With the kind of cars they had, they said they were prepared.

Felipe Pedro said "it's alright, especially with this truck, you don't get stuck anywhere. So it's all good. I went out on the interstate and saw a couple cars in the ditch."

Pedro's 4X4 was a welcome sight for some drivers.

"I just went out, pulled them out, if they got stuck. I would just go out and help them out," Pedro said.

While some people are making their way home, other drivers are just venturing out on the slick roads, like Nicole Winklepleck on her way to work.

"They get worst as it gets darker, with less people on the road. I got into an accident, on the way home a few years ago, so it kind of makes me nervous. I really hope they're not slick around 11 o'clock or midnight," Winklepleck said.

And good news for Winklepleck, the city had an army of snow plows pushing the slush off the emergency routes this afternoon and has a plan for tonight.

Gaylnn Huber, Sioux Falls Street Fleet manager said "I have a crew coming in, a fairly large crew, coming in at midnight. They're going to do the same thing, they're going to take care of the emergency secondary routes but then they'll get into the residential areas as far as putting some sand down in the residential streets."

Like having a shovel and warm clothes, Kelly Schuldt is prepared for the snow covered roads with her four-wheel drive.

"I wouldn't go anywhere without a four-wheel drive tonight, I'd just stay home if you don't have one," Schuldt said.

Even with her four-wheel drive, Schuldt said she had to be careful on I-90.

"On the way to Hartford tonight, interstate 90 was very slippery and I wasn't going very fast. There were a couple cars in the ditch already. You just got to take your time and then you'll be fine," Schuldt said.

That's good advice, the roads are still somewhat slippery right now.

Some drivers commented that people don't seem to be slowing down, so it's probably good for all of us to ex cerise a little extra caution.

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