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Frustrations with Congress and the 'Fiscal Cliff'

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Here in Sioux Falls, we are talking about the effects of falling off of the 'Fiscal Cliff'... and what it means for our families.

KSFY News spoke with people in our area to how much confidence they have in lawmakers reaching a deal, which is very little it, seems.

We're just a little more than 24 hours from going off the cliff on New Year's Day.

We spoke with some people who aren't too happy with the members of Congress.

And Congress is running out of time while the American people may be running out of patience.

Ask people what they think of Congress working on averting the 'Fiscal Cliff,' and you won't hear too many kind words.

Lance Clemons said "they don't seem like they're on the same team. I really don't feel like they're looking out for the American people, the middle class. So I don't think they are going to resolve it."

Clemons said Congress is not focused on giving the middle class what it needs to survive.

"I'm worried about the country going into another recession. It seems like it's been inching towards that for the last few years. Nothing's really been resolved they just put a Band-aid on the problem," Clemons said.

That Band-aid is about to be ripped off. The new year's eve countdown is on... not to celebrate but to stop a series of automatic tax increases and spending cuts scheduled for January 1st. David Owen, president of the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce said congress may have lost some credibility with voters.

"It's becoming harder to watch Congress try to deal with this. They're trying to balance very important, broad, philosophical differences... tax rates, services... along with the practical parts of making a government run and where are you going to do those cuts," Owen said.

And while some may have little faith in Congress preventing us from going off the cliff, Ron Cunningham said there's one thing he is sure of...

"I think regardless of whether it gets resolved or not, taxes are going to be increased, even though people don't want them to. It's just going to make people who are struggling, who are working minimum wage, it's just going to make it harder to get by," Cunningham said.

Owen said if Congress doesn't keep us from falling off the fiscal cliff, it will increase uncertainty about our taxes for us and the state's many small businesses.

And he says it's that uncertainty which will slow consumer spending, as people will become more cautious with how they spend.

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