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Frustrations in Sioux Falls high over fiscal cliff talks

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It wasn't hard to find people who are just fed up with lawmakers because they can't seem to reach an agreement. People we talked with said it's a rude wake-up call but maybe going off the fiscal cliff is the best idea.

"It's completely frustrating that everyone can't just sit down and actually make a deal instead of making an agenda. Both sides are just as guilty of that," Gerry Moore said.

Gerry Moore and his wife Jeanette are concerned for the American people, and their own family.

"I get angry and start stomping around when they talk about cutting social security, Medicaid, making that less. I don't get that much so even $5 would make a huge difference to me," Jeanette Moore said.

Even South Dakota Senator  John Thune argues on the Senate floor in an effort to make something happen.

"There are two people (McConnell & Biden) in a room deciding incredibly consequential issues for this country while 99 other United States senators and 435 members of the House of Representatives, elected by their constituencies to come here to Washington and to represent them, are on the sidelines! Why didn't we have a bill on the floor of the United States Senate that we could actually debate?" Senator John Thune said.

"You listen to all the TV stations, at least those that cover what's going on here, and they are all talking about the fiscal cliff. And instead of a countdown 'til the end of the year, 'til the new year, we have got a countdown until we hit the fiscal cliff. What does that say?" Thune said.

"They're there to represent the people, not the Republican party, not Grover Norquist, they're there for the people. And I think our own representatives have forgotten that," Jeanette Moore said.

"You can't cut critical things out as heads to chop. You have to consider the people. I personally think we should go over the cliff and come back and do something real because if you do some small deal, kick it down the line, you haven't accomplished one thing," Gerry Moore said.

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