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Gun shops report record sales across the country

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It's been nearly three weeks since that deadly shooting in Newtown, Connecticut and since then the country has been reflective.

Lawmakers are asking how can we stop another tragedy from happening?

Many point to stricter gun laws but since the shooting gun sales have skyrocketed.

People are buying guns in record numbers. KSFY News visited one store where they can't seem to keep up with the demand.

We spoke with one customer who didn't want to go on camera but has noticed the same buying frenzy at other stores.

We spoke with some who say people are scared but not for the reasons you might think.

Steve Naatjes of Gary's Gun Shop says so many people are coming in to buy guns he's having a hard time keeping the shelves stocked.

"It has been absolutely unbelievable. More people in the door than I've ever seen. Crazy, crazy, crazy. Buying fever. Big time. Ammo, guns, accessories. You name it," Naatjes said.

Hunter Mike Bacharach said some gun owners are worried about where control is headed.

"The argument that's made is that it's a slippery slope and if you ban any type of weapon that that could result in either confiscation or reduction in all gun ownership," Bacharach said.

Naatjes said its the fear of going down that slope which has triggered a record number of background checks for gun sales.

"It's a buying frenzy I think like the U.S. has never seen before," Naatjes said.

"December is Christmas season and sure a lot of guns get sold for Christmas presents but it's all the threat of banning some of the weapons that are doing the majority of that," Naatjes said.

And not only has some of Naatjes' stock sold out but he can't restock his shelves either.

"The people that I buy them from, the wholesalers, they're out. They''ve sold out. Every gun in distribution is almost gone that can have a high cap mag," Naatjes said.

In the meantime, Bacharach said he hopes cooler heads prevail on both sides of the issue of gun control.

"My concern as a gun owner is that if the radical element that's too radical about not banning any type or control weapons that ultimately they'll become very restrictive and that it will come back and haunt us," Bacharach said.

Naatjes tells me he noticed the spike begin back in September.

He says some gun owners began to worry during the presidential campaign what would happen if the president were re-elected.

He says since then and December's deadly shooting in Connecticut, his gun classes are booked through April.

The FBI reports nearly 2.8 million firearm background checks were done in December.

Not only was that a record for the year but it was also the highest number of firearm background checks made since 1998.

Now, those numbers only reflect the number of checks and not actual sales completed.

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