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Avera Medical Minute AMcK: Good Health - What You Need to Know

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Alan Helgeson gets in a good workout in an effort to be healthier in 2013 Alan Helgeson gets in a good workout in an effort to be healthier in 2013

It's a new year and Alan Helgeson has resolved to make life a little healthier in 2013.

"My daughter got engaged this fall and is getting married this June and I thought what a good goal going forward and I thought lets just try to drop some pounds and see what I can do in adopting a healthy lifestyle." Said Helgeson.

Alan says years working behind a desk and not focusing on his health has slowly caught up with him, but he's ready to do something about it.

"My goal is to workout five days a week and I'm trying to be consistent with that in the morning and doing cardio and meeting with a trainer 2-3 times a week." Said Helgeson.

Surveys show that almost half of the resolutions people make are to become healthier, but what exactly does that mean?

"When we're talking about overall health we need to take into consideration our mental well being and spiritual well being, so overall health is a big topic and really all three of those aspects need to be addressed." Said Dr. Michael Stotz, a family care physician with the Avera Medical Group McGreevy.

But before you start, you need to know where you stand. A quick trip online utilizing Avera resources can do just that. There you can find the General Health Risk Assessment, it's a quick survey to help open the door to healthier living.

"Doing that test makes you open up your mind and go gosh, my mom had this disease or my dad had high blood pressure or diabetes and those start sinking in and you'll want to look at that." Said Helgeson.

The general health assessment gives a great overview of where your health is at, but it's just the starting point. The recommendations are topics that you should discuss with your doctor.

"You first want to make sure that what you're about to undertake is safe for you and so it's always good to have a primary care physician that you can touch base with, run things by and who is aware of what you are doing." Said Dr. Stotz.

The doctor isn't the only one watching Alan while he works out. Alan started a blog and is writing down what he's eating to help keep him accountable. So far it's working.

"I've dropped about 11 pounds since, now if I could do that six more times I'll be extremely happy!" Said Helgeson.

Making the change to a healthy lifestyle isn't always easy and resolutions can quickly be replaced with excuses but take it from Alan, just zip it and do it!

"When you start shedding those pounds you start sleeping better at night, you feel better, your bones and knees don't hurt as much and you get to wear smaller clothes which is always a premium." Said Helgeson.

The general health assessment is just one surveys that can be found online to help you jump start questions with your doctor. To set up your good health profile just click here.

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