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The start of a new year brings a fresh start for high school students

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The new year is a time of new goals for many of us.

Some of us like to make New Year's resolutions.

For high school students getting back into the swing of things after the holiday break, the new year can bring new challenges to students.

We spoke with a high school curriculum coordinator for the Sioux Falls School District.

She tells us this time of year is special for students, it's a time to start fresh. A time to take a look at how they've been doing and where they can do better.

Coming back to school after the Christmas is a time to start over for students.

High school junior Courtney Anderson said "now that it's over, it's good to get back into a routine and it's awesome to be back and see friends."

But Anderson said getting back into a routine is not as easy as it sounds.

"Of course, it's hard to get up in the morning and get going to school and get back in the swing of things of course but it's worth it," Anderson said.

Dr. Laura Raeder, a high school curriculum advisor for the Sioux Falls School District said the new year is a time for reflection.

"It's a time for staff and student to recognize this is brand new and you can do whatever you want. you set your goals, you set your limits. if you would like to try something new, now is the time. if things didn't go so well last semester, it's ok. it's brand new. lets get after it and get it done this semester," Dr. Raeder said.

But getting back into the habit and routine of school doesn't come easy for some students.

"I'm sure that there is some adjustment to that, especially with the sleep schedule and the freedoms they have had on break that they may need to be a little more regimented," Dr. Raeder said.

Anderson takes a fresh approach to the second semester.

"I like getting new school supplies., kind of reorganizing myself and jumping back into things a little bit harder so that I'm more prepared for what's to come next," Anderson said.

And with half the year completed, what's next for Anderson?

"It makes me want to be prepared for my senior year, this year, that's what your junior year is about, and then for senior year, all the possibilities that you can do is awesome," Anderson said.

Dr. Raeder said the school district has a strong support system to help students get back to a routine.

She said that includes teachers to work with students; after school opportunities for extra help; advanced opportunity for advancement; and open communication with parents.

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