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Sioux Falls building permits nearly double, creating more jobs in the construction industry

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The number of building permits for new single family homes in Sioux Falls nearly doubled in 2012, giving many contractors a welcome boost in business. 

The total value of all new and remodel construction projects in Sioux Falls reached $490,515, 243 in 2012, up from $291,923,680 in 2011. 

It's money that is being spread throughout the whole Sioux Falls Community. 

"It's keeping everybody busy," said Rick Bissell, owner of Bissell Flooring Installation. 

With the rush of new houses to build, contractors are working overtime to keep up with the high demand. 

"I'm actually going from here to start another brand new house in Hartford the minute I'm done here today. So I'm working Sundays, seven days a week pretty much to keep moving forward," said Bissell. 

But building a house is not a one man job. 

"It takes a lot of different guys to put it all together," said Home Builders Association of the Sioux Empire President Kevin Zomermaand. 

In one kitchen project along, it would take a different person to install the granite, plumbing, lighting, electricity, cabinets and the flooring.  As well as creating a demand for those products and supplies from manufacturing firms.  In short, it creates a lot of jobs. 

"It affects everyone; when a contractor gets a house he employs a lot of people," said Zomermaand. 

Its great news in today's construction boom, but it also meant a lot of people were out of work during the housing crash. 

"The last couple of years when everybody was slow, it seemed like Sioux Falls really slowed down," said Zomermaand. 

"A couple of years ago when we didn't have a great winter I had to let a couple of guys go; this year, I could actually hire another guy it's been so busy for us," said Bissell. 

Zomermaand says anyone looking for a job should call a construction company. Most contractors are overbooked on work and need more hands to get it done. 

This high demand also means more money for everyone involved. 

"So everyone's stepping it up a little bit, I get to pay them more, and when they make more, I make more," said Bissell. 

It's money that eventually goes back into the Sioux Falls Economy. 

"I just bought a brand new 2013 truck, I actually just came from the store and put on some modification to the truck….its just kind of a circle that we just try to keep going," said Bissell. 

It's a trend that should continue next year. 

"Everyone you talk to says 2013 is looking to be even better," said Zomermaand. 

Sioux Falls isn't the only place seeing a rise in construction.  Nationwide, 30,000 new construction industry jobs were added between November and December of 2012. 

Zomermaand says he believes low interest rates are in part responsible for the sudden growth; however, he believes in any case, it's a good sign that the economy and industry are looking up. 

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