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Suspect arrested for murder of Conde-Vargas

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 Sioux Falls Police have arrested a 22-year-old man for the city's first homicide of the year. Robert Bass faces charges including murder in the second degree.

 Police say he beat 50-year-old Chris Conde-Vargas of Sioux Falls with a baseball bat.

 Conde-Vargas leaves behind five children, a wife and grandchildren here in Sioux Falls. Like any family, they were shocked to hear the news of their father's death...but now that they know the details of how he died...they can't help but ask why.

 "We're married around 33 whole life with's a lot of emotions, you have the big question mark, why? Why he did this to him." The details released today, describing the murder of Maria Avila's husband are especially troubling.

 Sioux Falls Police Chief Doug Barthel outlined part of what happened. "At some point Mr. Bass took a bat and struck the victim, we believe at least a couple of times. One of those injuries was to the head, which caused a skull fracture...It's hard to say how long it took before the victim actually passed away." Police believe the altercation took place around 4 Saturday morning at Conde-Vargas' home where he and the suspect, bass had been drinking for several hours. "We do know that drinking was involved."

 Conde-Vargas' son Aaron told us..."It's a mixture of emotions, you ask yourself, why would he even do this, you're in front of a 50-year old drunk male, what makes you beat him to death."

 The Conde family says the victim had lived a-part from the family for the past year as his alcohol usage became a problem. His wife Maria was reflective. "Even if he wasn't with me this last year, I still love him and pray for him every single day."

 His daughter Vanessa Lopez says, "You know my dad went through some difficult times, but he was always helping people out."

 His daughter Nancy also told KSFY..."He was a family man he loved to have his family close to him, he loved family gatherings, he cooked all the time."

 Even with the knowledge of how their father died, they still feel for the 22-year-old accused of the murder. His daughter Nancy Conde says she is having trouble coming to terms with the violent way her father died. "Please don't let my heart be filled with anger, please help me forgive the man because his life is also ruined."

 And his son Aaron Conde told us, he doesn't understand why anyone would want to kill his father. "He messed up because he had his whole life ahead of him, why would he do this?"

 In less than four years as an adult, the suspect had accrued a 15-page criminal record, starting with possession of alcohol by a minor, to burglary, to assault and ending with his charge for murder.

 Bass will appear in court on Thursday where the murder charges will be formally filed.

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