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USD campus is now smoke free

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 No ifs -- ands -- or butts -- USD enacted a campus-wide ban today.
 The university removed the school's familiar red smoking urns and replaced them with no smoking signs.

 USD senior Austen Hurley says smokers on campus make a bad impression. "It's pretty ugly when you see a bunch of students standing in one corner smoking. I think it kid of puts a damper on USD and puts a bad vibe on people driving by, thinking our campus is going to be dirty. Thinking, 'we don't want to go to this school because they allow smoking." Hurley says USD is better off smoke free. "I think it will keep the campus cleaner, less cigarette butts around campus. It will be a lot better to be able to breath when you're walking to classes. You don't get the smoke in your face. Just a better overall campus."

 The university says the ban promotes good health. But freshman Isaac Allen says it's hard to get smokers to break the habit. "We did a good job about having containers to throw a way cigarette butts so I never saw any around, personally but if someone is going to smoke, they're going to smoke anyway." Allen doesn't smoke but says it's not fair to take away smokers rights. "It's almost dis-respecting them as a person because you're saying 'what you do is filthy and you can not do this around other people because it's frowned upon. I think it's kind of derogatory towards them."

 Although the new anti-smoking policy is a campus wide ban -- it does not apply to Native American ceremonies or traditions.
 The school encourages everyone on campus to help enforce the policy.
 It says violating the smoking ban may result in disciplinary action.

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