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Local restaurants take extra precautions as flu numbers on the rise

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As the number of flu cases continues to rise, many businesses are taking measure to prevent the flu from spreading at their establishments. 

Restaurants are really focusing on prevention right now, making sure their customers are reassured that their meal will not end with the flu. 

"In a restaurant of course, when you're catering to other people, you want to make sure there's procedures in place to make sure you're being extra careful," said Mixed Greens Owner Cole Shawd. 

Restaurant employees understand that sanitation is a big part of the job. 

"But that's how things get spread so you have to wash your hands constantly; you have to be as clean and sanitary as possible," said Parker's Bistro Manager Kenneth Jacobs. 

Those sanitation measures are very important at a restaurant; many viruses, including the Norovirus, or Stomach Flu, are often spread on foods like leafy greens, fresh fruits and oysters. 

"Being a restaurant that specializes in a lot of vegetables, stuff that comes from the earth, we've got to make sure that its cleaned very well, rinsed very well, prior to going to the customer," said Shawd. 

A room full of customers is also something restaurants try to prepare for. 

"With customers, there are so many things you can't control and that would be one of them, no matter how sick they are, if they want something, they're coming to get it," said Mixed Assistant Manager Michelle Kobernusz. 

"We make sure in the areas where our customers can touch things, whether it's the tables, silverware/condiment area, we make sure at all times those things are always sprayed down with sanitizer and they're wiped down well," said Shawd. 

When it comes to their employees' health, restaurants can be very proactive at preventing an illness from spreading.  

"We definitely do promote them going out to the doctor and getting a flu shot every year," said Shawd. 

"We try to get people to stay home if they're not feeling well," said Jacobs. 

"If I'm feeling sick at all, I'm going to call in because its not worth getting anybody else sick because I'm touching their food," said Kobernusz.

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