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Schools and child care providers take extra precautions during flu season

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The Center for Disease control said as of Friday, at least 20 children under the age of 18 have passed away this flu season. 

It's why schools and child care providers are preparing their facilities, staff and their students to focus on prevention. 

"Kids don't want to get sick, they want to run and play," said Girls and Boys Club Director Eldon Bensen. 

But unfortunately, children are struck with illness more often than most adults. 

"Kids carry a lot of germs, they don't have the immune system built up that we adults do, so you see a lot more sickness and illness with children, especially younger children," said Bensen. 

It's also why facilities that cater to children take extra precautions during flu season to prevent those illnesses from spreading. 

"We're keeping an eye on it, we do have students that have been out on influenza, but not the dramatic number that other parts of the country are seeing," said Molly Satter, Sioux Falls School District's Health Services Director. 

That doesn't mean everyone has escaped the flu; 6-year-old Mitra Dyving-Jorgensen's twin sister Morgan came down with the stomach flu last night. 

"She's kind of feeling better but she's really sick, and last night she had a Popsicle," said Mitra. 

The Boys and Girls Club says they're working to educate their students about the flu, teaching them to cover their cough and to make washing their hands a regular routine.  They're also teaching kids about how the flu can spread. 

"Help them understand what the germs are and how even if you can't see them, because kids are visual they like to see things, they can still be very harmful to them and that's why we need to prevent the spread of germs," said Eldon. 

After spending the afternoon with these kids, I can tell you, they know a thing our two about germs. 

"Germs are like bad for you, if you don't wash your hands, they will still be there, but more could come," said Mitra. 

Another student said when you get germs you can get sick with the flu or other diseases. 

And all the kids gave this advice for people who do get sick: stay home, watch movies and eat chicken noodle soup.   

Its advice the Sioux Falls School District and the Girls and Boys Club hope all parents and staff remember; if you or your child is sick, stay home until the risk of passing it on is gone.

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