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State Rep. Steve Hickey proposes bill to target speeders

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We've all seen drivers who zoom past us on the streets or out on the interstate.

Many states employ a points system, where a driver could face penalties, including losing their license, if they rack up too many speeding violations. Right now, South Dakota isn't one of those states.

One Sioux Falls legislator wants to stop repeat offenders from being a safety hazard to other drivers.

We spoke with Republican Rep. Steve Hickey of Sioux Falls about a bill he's presenting to the Transportation Committee in Pierre Tuesday.

He said speeding was taken off the points system many years ago, but it's time for it to return.

Jill Matson recognizes tickets as a slap on the wrist for speeders.

"I think people know that.  They know that their insurance rates might go up slightly but it's a hazard to the safety of everyone," Matson said.

How many speeding tickets does it take to lose your license in South Dakota?  Fifteen?  Twenty?  The answer might surprise you.

"Right now, there's nothing to stop a guy from getting thirty, forty tickets. You can drive as fast as you can afford in South Dakota.  It's been proven higher fines don't stop these guys," Hickey said.

Hickey thinks it doesn't make sense you could lose your driver's license for almost everything but speeding.

"If you can get too many drunk driving or failure to yield, improper passing, you get points and you could lose your license. If you get too many of them but speeding is the only offense that's not on the point system," Hickey said.

So Hickey proposes returning speeding to the point system to target repeat offenders.  One point for every ticket.  The faster you go, the sooner you'd lose your license.

"Under this bill, you would have to get fifteen 15 mph or under to lose your license. This will only affect .0008 percent of the drivers on south Dakota roads and only if they continue to speed," Hickey said.

Matson hopes the point system will force speeders to slow down.

"If you're a habitual speeder and don't really have any regard for the law, that's why these laws are in place, to protect the masses," Matson said.

Hickey has been running some fast numbers on driving in South Dakota.

There are more than 600,000 licensed drivers in the state. About one in seventeen drivers gets a speeding ticket ever year. And if the bill becomes law, Hickey expects 500 drivers a year to be affected.

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