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Power outage causes Downtown Sioux Falls Businesses to close their doors

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The power outage in downtown Sioux Falls is having a big impact on some business owners. 

Businesses on one side of Phillips Avenue got power back before lunch hour, while the other side of the street is still in the dark.   

"Closed Due to Power Outage" signs can be seen on the doors of several retailers. 

Restaurants are also feeling the loss of business on a usually busy Friday night. Bistro, like many restaurants on their block. 

"Without the light you would literally not be able to see anything, we have no windows in our main dining room," said Minerva's Manage Tiffany Semmler.  

Despite the dark, Minerva's employees worked with flashlights to carry food from their non-functioning coolers to refrigerated semi-trucks outside. 

"Everything has to come up from coolers and freezers in our basement up to here and then out to the truck," said Semmler. 

Parker's Bistro is facing the same problem. 

"Our food has to stay around 38 degrees and if it doesn't it will obviously go bad," said Nick Weiland with Parker's Bistro. 

Parker's ordered ice and set up generators outside the restaurant to power one of their coolers.  Weiland and other employees spent the morning moving all of the food in the restaurant into the one functioning cooler. Weiland said the food in the cooler was worth at least a couple thousand dollars. 

The power outages aren't just a problem for business owners, it's also affecting employees. 

"They don't make money if they're not here so in that aspect they would prefer to work, but they'll take the day off," said Semmler. 

But it could be more than one day off.  Worst case scenario, these restaurants could be out of business until Sunday. 

"When this extends to not only a day out, but two days and beyond, that's when it really becomes critical," said Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether. 

"It would be a huge hit, I mean you're talking about loosing revenue for the weekend plus any kind of lost product that we have, obviously some food isn't going to stay for over the weekend," said Weiland. 

Restaurants like Kaladi's just across the street were lucky enough to get their power back before lunch hour Friday. 

"I haven't been able to look across the street because we have been busy, sales are good and we're going awesome," said Downtown Kaladi's Manager Erika Lyle. 

Not all restaurants were lucky enough to be on Kaladi's side of the street.  Right now we know that Parker's Bistro, Minerva's, Paramount, Mamas Ladas, Phillips Avenue Diner and Ming Wah are closed due to power outages Friday.  Those businesses are hoping their power will be up and running for business on Saturday.

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