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Sioux Falls Body Shop busy from accidents

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Marv's Body Shop says they've seen a lot of cars over the past few days from accidents due to icy roads.

We spoke with Evan Kindt the owner of Marv's Body Shop in Sioux Falls. He says icy roads have brought in a lot of cars involved in accidents. He says he's seen a range of damage from accidents. Some have been fender benders from slower speed accidents while other have been larger accidents usually from losing control on the interstate.

Kindt says no matter how much damage an accident causes, any accident is a traumatic experience for the driver. He also says people are usually shocked at how expensive the damage is to fix especially because it's not an expense they were planning on having to pay.

Kindt says he's seen a lot of wrecks come in with hard front hits, and a lot of broken tail lights. Kindt says a large accident can cost an owner upwards of $15,000. With cost and stress in mind Kindt says people need to take it easy on the road and leave early when conditions aren't great. "Snow causes traction issues but ice is worse. Both are dangerous to drive on. You need to get up early and take care but freezing rain is harder to drive on and stop on than snow."

When it comes to driving on ice here is what AAA suggests. They say keep in mind that bridges and overpasses ice up first. Also be ready for the flow of traffic to suddenly stop of to change lanes quickly. You also want to give yourself more distance between you and the car in front of you and more time to stop. Instead of a few seconds of time you'll want more like eight to ten seconds to stop. AAA also says all cars take the same amount of time to stop on ice. Just because you have 4-wheel drive doesn't mean you will able to stop quickly. Also don't use cruise control when roads could be icy. If you do start to spin AAA says try not to panic, let up on the brake or accelerator and look and steer in the direction you want the front of your car to go. They say your vehicle's traction is greatest just before your wheels start to spin.

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