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Avera Medical Minute AMcK: Raising the intensity with Tabata Training

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Instructor Holly Stiff leads a group in the latest fitness craze called Tabata Instructor Holly Stiff leads a group in the latest fitness craze called Tabata

Would you like to swap your usual workout out for one that's just 30 minutes long? Of course you would! well, that's the allure of Tabata training.

It's a workout craze that's sweeping the nation and is now offered here in Sioux Falls.

Specialized fitness classes are nothing new to the Avera McKennan Fitness Center, but this is not your everyday aerobics class, this is Tabata.

"It's high-intensity interval training which makes it fun because it's a quick workout. The class is only 30 minutes so we do 20 second intervals and in those 20 seconds you are going as hard and as fast and you do as many reps as you possibly can and then you get a 10 second rest and then we do it again in 4 minute blocks." Said instructor Holly Stiff.

Tabata classes like this have been popping up in gyms across the country. The interval training aspect of Tabata is what sets it apart from traditional aerobic classes. With Tabata, you push your body to the max but in shorter spurts.

"It's hard! It's really hard but if you think about it it's 20 second intervals so you can do anything for 20 seconds and then it's done, but towards the end, those last five seconds you don't think can handle it!" Said Angela Hight.

Anyone can benefit from the intensity of the workouts, whether you're a fitness center regular or a first-timer.

"Anybody can do it, what's nice is that you go at your own pace. An athlete that's very well conditioned could definitely benefit, somebody that's brand-new can benefit because they can go at their own pace and they maybe won't do as many as the others but they can sure do a great job with it." Said Stiff.

Resolutions are now a month old and Tabata is perfect for people like Angela, who are looking to break out of their usual, boring workout rut.

"It's something different I just wanted to mix it up especially with the holidays coming I started at Thanksgiving time and I just wanted to push it in gear and do a little extra." Said Hight.

And having the class atmosphere gives participants some added encouragement and gets those competitive juices flowing.

"Yeah I need the extra motivation, the extra push, I need people beside me so I can see they're still doing it and I can go to and do those extra jacks." Said Hight.

Not having the time to workout is probably the number one excuse for people hoping to dodge the gym, but with Tabata you can get the burn without wasting time.

"I think it's a great start, it's a good way to be efficient with your time, if time is an issue for you, you can do it in 30 minutes and feel like you got a great workout and then you can be done for the day!" Said Stiff.

"Exactly! 30 minutes, you're in, your out, you're done and you get a great workout! You're sweating up a storm and it's fun!" Said Hight.

You can make up all sorts of excuses to avoid the gym but why not give it a try? Who knows you may be the next to jump on the Tabata train.

The Tabata class is held at the Avera Fitness Center every Friday at 9:30 in the morning. For more information about becoming a fitness center member or other classes they offer just call 877-AT-AVERA or simply click here.

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