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Watch your furnace in these frigid temperatures

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Dangerously cold temperatures are setting in across the area. Heating experts say you need to keep your home warm and your furnace running properly.

With spoke with David Aaron, owner of Aaron's Heating and Cooling in Sioux Falls. He says during cold snaps like this one he takes a lot of calls for furnace issues. He says your furnace has to work a lot harder it temperatures this cold. All of that extra work can cause problems with motors, blowers, the igniter, different switches, and the filter.

Aaron says you need to change your filter every 4 to 6 weeks. He says this will absolutely cut down your chance of having a problem with your furnace. A dirty filter can cause problems with your furnace especially in these temperatures. He says a dirty filter restricts airflow in the furnace. When you stop the airflow the temperature inside your furnace goes up and that can become a dangerous and costly problem. "People's furnaces in the winter time have to work a lot harder especially in sub-zero temperatures. You'll see problems with the igniter, limit switches, filters, those kind of things seem to be the most prevalent," Aaron says.

Also he says if dust starts to build up in your filter it can then start to build up into the blower wheel. He says after that the amount of air getting into your home will be cut down and again heat can start to build up in your furnace. If you think dust might be building up in your blower wheel Aaron says you should call a professional to check it out.

Aaron says to keep your pipes safe you should keep your home heated to at least 60 degrees. He also says if your thermostat takes batteries you need to change them. Not all thermostats require batteries but he says he does get a lot of calls from people who have simply forgotten to change the batteries. He also says you should have your duct work cleaned every 3 to 5 years by a professional.

Thursday and Friday are good days to call your elderly neighbors to make sure their heat is working and to make sure your pets are indoors. Remember to limit your exposure time to these temperatures if you need to go outside.

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