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Cold Dangers: Hypothermia and Frostbite

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Even with theses subzero temperatures some people still choose to venture out a brave the elements, but are they fully prepared?

Just because most kids in South Dakota didn't have school Thursday, that doesn't mean they are home free. These bitter cold temperatures make hypothermia and frostbite a scary possibility.

Any exposed skin has the potential to develop frostbite. If you happen to be out running errands and forget to wear a hat or gloves as you run in and out from the cold, you may develop frostbite on the outer layers of your skin. This is called superficial frostbite. Which may chap or blister, but will heal like a normal cut or scrape. However prolonged exposure in freezing temperatures could lead to permanent damage like losing a toe or a finger.

The important thing is to bundle up and make sure you and your kids aren't over doing it.

"Having good layers is definitely key and then knowing what to look out for. When kids start to shiver that's the body's first response of now it's getting a little cold and I'm trying to generate more body heat so if you see kids sitting there and they're shivering that's a good time to get them inside and get them something warm to drink and get them warmed up again." Said Dr. Sam Schimelpfenig, with Avera Medical Group McGreevy.

Dr. Schimelpfenig says you want to layer up with fleece or wool because those are good insulators even if they get wet, where as if cotton gets wet, it tends to actually make us colder.

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