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Farmers work through the cold to take care of livestock

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One of the coldest places in South Dakota is up near Britton, where wind chills dipped to 40 below Thursday. 

But in a large farming community, it was business as usual today despite the cold. 

"It's South Dakota and this is what you get," said Britton Farmer Doug Henley. 

After a lifetime of farming, working out in the extreme cold is nothing new. 

"It's just cold, it's a daily thing, it's just one of those things you get used to I guess," said Doug Henley. 

But that doesn't mean the cold doesn't cause some problems on the farm. 

"We try and prepare for the cold and then I guess you've always got frozen waters or something that goes wrong, in the cold stuff moves slow," said Brandon Henley, Doug's son and partner on the farm. 

But some farmers also move slowly every time they have to get out of their tractor and into the freezing cold. 

"O, I suppose half a dozen times to open gates and things like that," said Doug Henley. 

What about the cows out in the elements all day? 

"They're cattle, they're survivors," said Henley. 

Farmers give what assistance they can like extra feed or bedding, but for the most part, the cows can take care of themselves. 

"Well cattle will just get down behind whatever they can and I guess the new more bodies they have together they all act as a wind break for each other," said Doug Henley. 

For farmers, a tractor or truck is the only break they get from the cold and wind.  

"If we've got to go do something, might as well have the dang thing warm," said Doug Henley. 

Their trucks and tractors remained running all through morning chores because after a long, cold morning out in the freezing cold temperatures, it's one small comfort to get into a warm truck on your way home from a long day.

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