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Postal worker, pizza delivery man outside for a living, Thursday

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For many of us, Thursday was just one of those South Dakota winter days. For thousands who have to work outside, it's just another day at the office.

"I always say it's a good day to be a mailman, everyday is, but some are better than others. This is the best kind of day to have behind you, that's the best part, is when it's done. You just have to go out and do your job, that's all there is to it," U.S. Postal worker Eric Wicks said.

Don't get me wrong, Eric Wicks isn't a fan of working in this weather. However, if he has to, he'll do it without a single complaint filling 600 mailboxes on a single route.

"This is a good route to have during cold weather, mostly apartments and businesses, not a lot of time where I'm exposed and away from the truck for a long time," Wicks said.

"It's pretty slow, which is good, it's easier so we're not out so late tonight. Good in that respect," Wicks said.

On the flip side, what's not slow, Thursday, is delivering some fresh-baked Boss' Chicken & Pizza. What's ordering a large 3-topping pie without having it delivered piping hot right to your door? That's why Ethan Dickson's here.

"It's not that bad. Not that bad, I'm from the country, lot worse there than it is right now," Ethan Dickson said. "It's really busy out today, it's good because there's no school. there are kids out there that are out there hungry, I'll make some good tips hopefully."

Next time you order that pizza for delivery... or the next time you get your mail. Don't forget about those who made it all possible.

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