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''God Made A Farmer'' Super Bowl ad resonates with South Dakotans

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A day after the Super Bowl XLVII, people are talking about Beyonce's performance and of course the commercials.

There were the usual assortment of ads designed to make us laugh. But one commercial tugged at the heart strings of many across the Midwest.

If you ask anyone, the Dodge Ram Trucks ''Farmer'' was one of the most memorable of the big game. Not only because of the images and beauty behind South Dakota's No. 1 industry, but the man behind the voice.

It was a farmers convention speech dating back to 1978 that still touches millions.

"Using Paul Harvey who is an iconic personality that a lot of people identify with and appreciate and admire, that was smart," Ted Heeren said.

Heeren said the ad was artistic, not over-produced, the images spoke for themselves and, best of all, it treated the viewer with respect.

"Served as a reminder that people are appreciative of farmers and that farmers have a lot to be proud of," Heeren said.

That holds true for lifelong farmer and Sioux Falls veterinarian Dr. Mike McIntyre.

"The fact that Dodge puts millions of dollars in to remind people of farmers is a great thing. Being a farmer, doing it all my life, it's something I appreciate it that someone put the time and effort into looking at it," Dr. Mike McIntyre said.

The ad also brought something McIntyre says is long overdue.

"The biggest thing that people think all about is not that they're talking good or bad, they just don't talk about us," McIntyre said. "At least people in New York city will say 'oh yea that person raises that food', there's someone behind it."

Heeren knows there are people out there who might think the Dodge Ram Truck and Logo might have cheapened the message. However, the fact that it's Paul Harvey and what was said is still very compelling, it's a message that won't ever be lost.

View the Super Bowl ad "Farmer" by Dodge Ram Trucks here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sillEgUHGC4 

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