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Shared parenting bill fails; Sioux Falls mom says kids will lose out

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Some parents talk about staying together for the sake of their children but for those who divorce, it can mean losing time with their kids.

A senate bill proposed to fix that, ensuring divorced parents get equal time in raising their kids.

But, the bill failed to pass today.

KSFY News spoke with one woman who shares parenting with her ex-husband.

She's been able to successfully manage shared parenting duties

And realized it's important for her children to spend time with their dad.

She reached out to lawmakers to help other moms and dads across the state so she's disappointed the bill failed but is not giving up hope for other parents.

Ashton Winter and his sister Adella said they're fortunate they don't have to choose between spending time with their mom versus their dad.

"I like that I can spend equal time with my parents and that I can just hang out with my mom and hang out with my dad. instead of just being with my dad all the time, because my mom's really important too," Ashton said.

And even though they are divorced, Ashton and Adella's mom Amber Rikansrud believes her children's father should have the same chance to spend time with his kids.

"Their dad ads value to their lives in a way I can not. we have had the same shared arrangement since the time we separated," Rikansrud said.

If it became law, a senate bill would have made it possible for all divorced parents to get equal time with their kids. something amber already manages with her ex-husband.

"We both have joint, shared, physical and legal custody. everything is split 50/50, from the time we spend with them to even the money.  We don't have a child support arrangement anymore," Rikansrud said.

Amber is heartbroken for the proponents of the bill who were hoping the law would give them more time with their children.

"The opponents of this bill that testified when it was in the senate committee were all lawyers. I would really love to see an opponent by a child or a parent that is opposed to this bill because I really don't think you're going to find it," Rikansrud said.

Amber admits it wasn't easy at first but she says sharing parental duties with her ex-husband has forced them to get along.

She tells us they want to do what's right for their kids.

And she plans to speak with lawmakers again next year to get a shared parenting law passed.

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