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Heavy, wet snow pummels Huron

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Wet snow has been relentless in Huron Sunday. Then, the winds picked up to blow a snowy mess all over roads driveways and sidewalks.

It was not exactly a welcome start to the day in Huron. Early Sunday, wet snow started and didn't stop—leaving only one way to clean things up.

"It's nice to get ahead of it otherwise it packs down and just stays there and turns to ice depending on the temperature," Steve Crick of Huron said.

Crick isn't the only one working hard. Father and son duo Richard and Jared Rakness teamed up to clear the outside of their business.

We came out about 830 in the morning to make a clear path for our customers plus people use this area so we thought we would be nice and clear a path for everyone to walk on," said Richard Rakness, World of Sports owner.

But, in the heavy, wet snow there is a question about the division of labor.

He's pushing the shovel. I got the snow blower but its heavy," Rakness said.

Besides looking down at the street, others are looking up at the wet snow building on branches causing some to snap.

"The first thing I thought was oh boy not good," John Todd of Huron said. "I hope the wind doesn't blow to hard before it really starts howling and breaks stuff off."

Todd might be concerned about branches and power lines but he still takes time to help his neighbor clear a path. Everyone is lending a hand or even a broom to clear up what they can of this winter mess. And some are even saying it's a mess they don't mind.

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