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Women's Health Through the Decades: Dealing with stress in your 40s

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This week we're talking about women's health through the decades, talking to doctors and women of all ages about common health issues and preventative measures a woman can take to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

We began the series talking about starting a healthy lifestyle in your 20s, how to deal with the changes of pregnancy and motherhood in your 30s, and today we take a look into the life of a working mom in her 40s and all the stress that can bring. 

"Mitchell do you have everything alright I've got your water bottle….I can't find my cell phone anywhere," said mother of three Jennifer Tolk. 

It's a scene Tolk and most women in their forties see every day.  With work all day and running three kids around to activities. 

"Right now Sawyer is in wrestling and basketball, Mitchell is in wrestling and basketball and baseball and Kaylee is getting ready for track so she's running after school," said Tolk. 

The life of a mom in her forties can bring on a lot of stress. 

"Stress is very common for women; its very common for women, some women handle it better than others," said Dr. Janel Powell with Avera Medical Group Women's Internal Medicine.

Hormonal changes at this stage can also contribute to handling stress. 

"We have our greatest decrease in estrogen between 40 and 50," said Dr. Powell. 

Vitamin D levels, diabetes and becoming anemic are also health concerns that make a yearly woman's physical even more important. 

"It's very common to see women quit taking care of their own health needs after they're done having children because it's very easy to get busy with your kids' doctors appointments and activities," said Dr. Jodi Scott with Avera Medical Obstetrics & Gynecology. 

With all of those activities, it can also be hard to fit in things like exercise. 

"That is impossible, I have lots of friends that find time and they work it in, but I just am very inconsistent to be quite honest," said Tolk. 

A lot of moms on the run find themselves at the drive through on a regular basis, but eating healthier foods can actually help alleviate some stress, all it takes is a little planning.

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