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Women's Health Through the Decades: Staying active through your 60s and beyond

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All this week we've been talking about women's health through the decades, talking with health care professionals and women of all ages about preventative healthcare and living a healthy lifestyle. 

We began the series talking about starting a healthy lifestyle in your 20s, how to deal with the changes of pregnancy and motherhood in your 30s, the stress of a working mom in her 40s, preventative and proactive health concerns that come in your 50s and the importance of staying active through your 60s and beyond. 

When women reach their sixties, many feel like it's time to slow down. 

"You know joint issues come up by this point a lot of women start noticing some stiffness some achiness," said Dr. Janel Powell with Avera Medical Group Women's Internal Medicine. 

For women like Jean Binfet it's more than just stiff joints. 

"In the 50s I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis," said Jean Binfet. 

In either case, it shouldn't stop you from being active. 

"You really can't slow the changes, you can‘t reverse them, you can't prevent them, but the best way to live with them is to stay active," said Dr. Powell. 

Things like water aerobics, resistance strength training and walking are great, low impact activities, but it's important to be aware of our limitations. 

"And I kind of know how to change my exercise so that I'm very careful of my knees," said Jean Binfet. 

There's also a need to be cautious about bone strength. 

"Often times at this age women may have developed osteoporosis…talking about treatment, prevention, talking about preventing falls if they do have bone thinning or bone loss," said Dr. Powell. 

During their 60s, women need to talk to their doctors about screenings for heart disease, eye and dental issues and cancer; even if you've battled it in the past. 

"If a person has had cancer, it is more important to come to the doctor and get what's called secondary screening," said Dr. Addison Tolentino, an Oncologist with Avera Medical Group Oncology and Hematology. 

Along with screenings, there are some preventative measures women in their 60s can take. 

"There are more immunizations that we recommend for women in their 60s and older," said Dr. Powell. 

Getting vaccinated for influenza, pneumonia and shingles could mean more time to enjoy your retirement. 

"You feel less stressed when you retire, and it makes a big difference when you don't have to get up in the morning and go to that job," said Binfet. 

Stay proactive about your health for more time to enjoy the best part of your sixties and beyond. 

"Family is absolutely the most important, and we're able to lift our grandchildren and dance with them and play with them and that's so important," said Binfet.

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